Gillian Anderson Price

Wardrobe Malfunction

What is it with mothers? Why do I care about her opinion on an outfit so much that when criticized I run back to my wardrobe in a panic? (it’s not like she’s Daphne Guinness )I confess the outfit of which I speak was a tad on the gothic side; vintage black crepe day dress, 3 rosary style necklaces, a pair of red patent leather shoe boots (which my mother bought for me!) and a long black Westwood jacket.


Upon seeing me she burst out laughing and quipped ‘who died?’ followed by ‘you look like a 90 year old Italian widow from the turn of the century’.


Four outfit changes later I arrive at work (late) in the same jacket and jewellery having replaced the dress and shoes with dark grey (once black) jeans, black t‐shirt and YSL black and white stiletto brogues. The really annoying thing, the thing that really gets me is that she was right.


I’m wearing a knackered old pair of jeans, shoes from about 10 seasons ago and my look is now Rock Chic rather than Goth Granny and most importantly (?) a lot younger!




1940s Day dress £75

YSL Clog £460 Browns,

Rosary £6 Newsagent Quex Rd (Kilburn NW6) .

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