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The old man is snoring

British or not if you live in the UK for any length of time then you cannot help but to become ‘obsessed’ by and with two things ‘A nice cup of tea’ and ‘The weather’. I’ve always joked that I don’t live in London for the weather, I live here for the ‘culture’ and when I go on holiday I go somewhere hot because the weather in the UK is shall we say ‘unpredictable’? This year the weather’s just not funny anymore. Sure I have a wardrobe full of unworn summer dresses and bottles of unopened sun cream but what is really worrying me is not merely the effect all these endless grey inclement days are having on my wardrobe, the lack of actual warm sunshine is bound to be having a severely negative effect on the entire nation’s mental health. This depressing lack of warmth permeates every aspect of our lives; the clothes we wear and buy, the food we eat, really who wants to eat a salad when it’s cold and wet and your wearing jeans and boots? I haven’t taken my son to the park in ages and I am really tired of the cinema. My ‘motto’ of the month has been ‘Forget the rain and drink champagne’ but all I really want is a nice cup of tea!


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