Gillian Anderson Price

Sticks and Stones

The election has seriously dominated the news and life in general over the past few weeks and I’m not going to go on about politics because quite frankly I’m a bit bored with it all (I’m shallow, as if you need reminding). The rivalry between the parties and their supporters does bring to mind one of my pet hates; MEANESS, I know it sounds simple but I just can’t bear it in any shape or form. Meaness begins in the playground and then just seems to linger throughout life.

 I’ve never understood why supporters (Of anything politics, football…) can’t just wax lyrical about their hero instead choosing to slag off the opposition. It’s in the pages of all the tabloids and particularly prevalent in the glossy weekly magazines. I’d much rather read about how totally fabulous any given celebrity looks than stare at a page entitled ‘Circle of shame’ where a damp underarm or an ingrown toenail are circled and ridiculed, I mean really who cares?

 Does it make people feel better to ridicule others?

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