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 Right now I am so longing for sun that I am obsessed with spring! I want to acquire a new spring wardrobe and I want to stop wearing wolford opaque’s, my head is full of images of light little dresses and pirate boots but I’m also desperate to get a few more wears of last season’s Alexander McQueen fox cape, I’m fickle as well as shallow; my mother must be so proud!


It’s all about light isn’t, spring? There is a change in the light that is mood enhancing together with a pretty fresh pastel palette. Ring in spring with Vintage lampshades in delicate shades, hyacinth bulbs balanced in vases (oh the smell!) and brighten up the black with colourful silk scarves!




Hand painted vintage shade £39

Silk scarf YSL £155

Vintage hyacinth vase £30

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