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What is it about a globe especially an old one with a bit of patina (vintage dirt) that transports me into a Poirot daydream? Really, the 30s of the silver screen must bear little resemblance to what it was actually like for ordinary people; America was suffering ‘The great Depression’ and you couldn’t get a drink there thanks to Prohibition, Yet in design terms it was a period of anything goes hi design.


Not even the humblest of household items escaped a fashionable astetic re‐design.


2010 feels like it could almost be twinned with 1930, we’re in a nondictatorial period of design and recovering from recession while longing for luxury. The 30s was recovering from the affects of WWI and the absolute heyday of decadence. I plan to trawl in search of a suitable 1930s apartment in which to live out a fantasy of bias cut dresses, cocktails and Nile cruises.




Vintage globe £65

Art deco toaster £175

Cowl neck bias cut dress £2705 Net‐a-Porter

1930s Suitcase £425

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