Gillian Anderson Price

Letting Go

I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder (I do have way too much stuff though) and sometimes get a little over attached to things; a lightweight black t‐shirt from H&M that has so many holes it resembles nothing more than a rag, A 19th century red toile transfer printed cow jug with a broken handle at the back of a kitchen cupboard that is neither use nor ornament, you get the picture.

The big thing that I haven’t been able to relinquish is my Victorian deep buttoned velvet sofa; honestly it’s knackered and really, really uncomfortable. I’ve been going to have it re‐upholstered for at least 2years but just haven’t found the ‘right’ fabric; do I go for crazy hot pink velvet? A French shabby chic grey linen? I’d have no problem choosing the perfect fabric for you, so why can’t I do it for me?

I now fear it’s too late to save my dear little sofa, too far gone and so I will have to bite the bullet and call a man with a van to take it to it’s final resting place; the landfill depot in Kentish Town. I might bin that black t‐shirt too!

1930s Velvet sofa £3,050 COUCH

Black T shirt James Perse £50 Studio 8 (NW1),

Red Toile tea pot $39

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