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I know I am not alone in my current Obsession; Finding, choosing and then ‘winning’ a school place for my child . When you have a child everyone tells you that your life will change forever what they don’t exactly tell you is how your life will change.


You are well aware that you will be tired (personally I spent the first year in a zombie like state), you understand that perhaps nights of painting the town red will be fewer and getting your stomach flat will take work. What no one tells you (maybe they did tell me but I wasn’t listening ‐ I’m self obsessed, remember) is that you will spend the rest of your life worrying about your child; not just his or her wellbeing and safety but the choices you make on your child’s behalf. I was seriously lucky with my choice of nursery school (anyone in North West London I wholeheartedly recommend Ready Steady Go).


Choosing the right ‘Big School’ has been a total nightmare for me. Maybe it’s because I’m really just a simple Northern girl out of my depth in the big smoke. I chose what I felt was the right school (that’s right I chose just ONE school) for my Son and applied for a place (arrogantly?) expecting to get it. I did not, I say I because I am now under no illusion (FYI nor should you be) of who is being interviewed for a school place it’s not your darling perfect little angel it’s YOU.


In hindsight (such a great thing) I did not choose my outfit wisely; Black skinny jeans, black t‐shirt, converse all stars, a Missoni coat and a TON of black, white and grey pearls. An outfit just fine for work in Primrose Hill, not for an interview at a very posh, conservative school in St John’s wood however. So my son has spent the last two years at a very fine local state school. The class size is just too big for him now and he is falling behind, easily distracted and in need of more structure and formality.


I find myself preparing to be interviewed once again. This time I shall chose my attire more intelligently! (I will also pray that my single mother status will not count against me, bloody hell it could, couldn’t it?! I just can’t obsess about that too).



READY STEADY GO 110 Gloucester Avenue London NW1 8HX+44 (0) 20 75865862

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