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Homeward Bound

OMG! Red Alert! A second 40th Birthday party invitation forced it’s middle aged spread through my letterbox today. The first a couple of months ago I brushed off as a fluke, I couldn’t possibly be old enough to have close friends (who’s party I actually wanted to go to) turning 40!


FYI I am a few years off 40 thank god and had always been the youngest in my social group, now what do you think that says about me and vanity? I don’t think too much about my age. I never celebrate my Birthday with a party largely because it’s early January and everyone is always all partied out by then. This year was an exception; one of my very close (and slightly OCD) girlfriends exclaimed with horror at my definitive I am doing nothing for my birthday that I had ‘TO DO SOMETHING!’ so, I let her organise drinks at Shoreditch house, it was probably the best birthday in years (thank you LG).


So, the invite that has just reared it’s ugly head is not only in my home town of Newcastle‐upon‐Tyne but has the dreaded bonus of an 80’s theme! What to wear has led me to Obsessively watching Bananarama, T’pau and Transvision Vamp videos on youtube in search of inspiration. Weirdly I kinda feel younger than I did upon receipt of the 80s invite!




Cowboy boots £15.40 Ebay

T‐Shirt £12.99 Camden Market

Now That’s what I call music Vol 10 £5.99 Ebay

Wham Bar still only 10p but a lot smaller than I remember local news agent.

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