Gillian Anderson Price


Why is everyone so obsessed with equality and ‘having it all’ and the question of ‘Can you ever have it all’? I really don’t understand haven’t we gone past the whole equal rights for women bra burning thing? Isn’t 2010 all about choice?


Hasn’t life been about choice all along? So, some areas of industry will always be dominated by one sex; car mechanics are predominantly Men and manicurists are predominantly Women. That’s ok though and it’s still a choice. As far as ‘having it all’ isn’t that a choice too? My idea of having it all is just that; my choices, my goals, my ambitions. And the pressure to achieve is levied by me. The media says Models are too thin, turn the page to read; ‘Drop a dress Size in two weeks’ while another publication announces ‘Women Still earning 20% less than men’.


All these ‘headlines’ are there to give us something to talk about over dinner and at the photocopier. There are an increasing number of men out there staying at home raising the children while their wives are working late into the evening and earning the big bucks. We do not live in a dictatorship (or do we?).




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