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Honour Thy Mother (Mothers Day March 30th 2014)

Posted: 10. Mar. 2014

Mothers' Day March 30th Read More

Christmas Gift Guide- Interesting and under £200

Posted: 18. Nov. 2013
I could write a thousand different 'Gift Guides' but I don't want to bombard or bore you. Read More

Christmas Gift Guide- Gifts for Boys

Posted: 18. Nov. 2013

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Never mind Maria it's 'Mark' who is a problem. Read More

Christmas Gift Guide- Gifts for Girls

Posted: 16. Nov. 2013

Welcome to my first 'Gift Guide'. I thought I'd begin with gifts for girls; wives, mothers, friends, daughters we all love pretty and thoughtful gifts. Read More

Home Sweet Gnome

Posted: 21. Jun. 2013

Late last year I had what some might call an ‘ephiphany’. After a couple of years of chat about moving house and re-locating my business I one day awoke and decided to day is the day! During the following week or two cleaned, sorted, chucked and donated all manner of superfluous ‘stuff’ (on one of my wardrobe clearing stints I managed to relinquish 18, yes 18 pairs of jeans). I then made some calls to various estate agents and financial advisors. Two weeks later I was in a blind panic to find a new retail premises and a new home. Somewhat serendipitously it was the commercial agent I had contacted to assist in finding a new retail site who had sold my Primrose Hill shop and flat, it was a smooth and quick transaction. My Retail agent could not however assist in my domestic dilemma. I made some more calls and I searched the Internet. I found a house; the vendor clearly believed he had something more special than I did. I made more calls, I sat on a beach for four days and I bought a house without viewing it. That’s correct I bought the most expensive asset most people own in their life without actually seeing it save for a couple of pictures in an email on my phone viewed while seated poolside in a bikini cocktail in hand. Read More


Posted: 10. Jun. 2013

Most of my friends are familiar with one of my more, shall we say ‘unusual’ obsessions; UK Number plates. Yes really I am obsessed with the arrangement of random numbers and letters to an amusing end.  Read More

Letting Go

Posted: 01. Jan. 2013

I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder (I do have way too much stuff though) and sometimes get a little over attached to things; a lightweight black t‐shirt from H&M that has so many holes it resembles nothing more than a rag, A 19th century red toile transfer printed cow jug with a broken handle at the back of a kitchen cupboard that is neither use nor ornament, you get the picture.  Read More

Wardrobe Malfunction

Posted: 01. Dec. 2012

What is it with mothers? Why do I care about her opinion on an outfit so much that when criticized I run back to my wardrobe in a panic? (it’s not like she’s Daphne Guinness )I confess the outfit of which I speak was a tad on the gothic side; vintage black crepe day dress, 3 rosary style necklaces, a pair of red patent leather shoe boots (which my mother bought for me!) and a long black Westwood jacket.  Read More

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